MAC Foundations — Breakdown 

There are so many different MAC foundations to choose from when you go to the MAC counter, so here’s the MAC foundation breakdown. I hope this helps you, if you’re looking to try out a foundation from MAC. 

*Keep in mind: Everyone’s skin is different. Some people have super sensitive skin, that can break out from using different foundations. Hopefully at least one of these work for you, and you find your best match! 

*Also: Check with one of the people at MAC to see which foundation will really suit you and your skin. There are lots of different foundations to choose from that are for oily skin, dry skin, combination skin etc.. You’ll want to find the one that best suits you and your skin. 

Lets get started: MAC Foundations (*: Foundations I own/have tried)

  • MAC Mineralize Moisture SPF15 Foundation ($34)

    This foundation has a dewy finish to it. If you have dry skin, this is a great foundation for you. People with oily skin, this foundation would be fine. After reading reviews, those with oily skin that have tried this foundation say that it’s best to apply a little bit at a time when using this foundation if you can not return it/just want to make it work. Also, setting this foundation with a setting powder will help make it more matte > dewy. 

    It has medium coverage but is definitely build-able, it can be a full coverage foundation. It’s quite liquify, so be careful if you’re pouring it on the back of your hands/directly onto a brush. 

    *DOWNSIDE: This foundation never really “sets”. A lot of people say that their skin never really absorbs the foundation. It’s almost as if it sits on top of your skin, and just makes your skin glow and look dewy. A setting powder and some fix plus or a setting spray should help keep it in place and on your skin. 

    Nonetheless its a long wearing foundation that’s great for those with drier skin! 

  • MAC Pro Longwear SPF20 Compact Foundation ($32) 

    This foundation is considered a cream to powder foundation. It comes in a  compact and has a sponge for easy application. It still applies beautifully if you decide to use your fingers or a foundation brush. The overall result of this foundation is beautiful. It looks natural and feels soft on the skin. It’ll give you a natural soft matte look. 

    It’s long wearing. It’s just like the MAC Pro Longwear Liquid Foundation. It’ll last you hours. My mom uses this foundation and it lasts her about 10 hours when she wears it. So that’s awesome! 

    It provides a light-medium coverage. It’s not necessarily a full coverage foundation, so if that’s what you’re looking for this probably isn’t for you. If you want something that’ll give you some coverage, without totally covering up blemishes/imperfections this is a foundation to consider. 

    The foundation shades tend to run a little lighter than the other shades in the MAC foundation selections. Lets say you’re normally NC25 you might need an NC30 in this foundation. 

    This isn’t a foundation for people with dry skin. It seems to be more popular with those that have oily skin. This foundation will cling to dry skin, making the skin look more flakey. So, if you have dry skin, I don’t think this foundation is for you.

  • *MAC Pro Longwear Foundation ($31) 

    This is a very thick, medium coverage foundation. If you’re looking for something that’s going to last you all day, and give you medium (build-able) coverage this is the foundation or you. 

    It gives you a somewhat natural look (depending on how much you’ve put on), while still making your skin look flawless. You’ll want to try out different ways to apply this foundation. Different brushes give you different results when using this foundation. 

    The color selections have yellow undertones tot hem, so this is a great foundation for people that have yellow undertones in their skin. Please try this foundation at the store before you purchase it. A lot of people that purchase this foundation will try it and realize that it’s a bit too orange for their skin, or find that it’s not the shade they thought they were when they bought it. So, try it out before you buy it. It looks a bit more orange in the bottle sometimes. 

    This foundation does not need to be set. However, personally I set my foundation no matter what. This foundation just lasts for hours and hours everyday, and sets on your skin after you’ve applied it. 

    Overall it’s a great foundation. It’s long lasting, and comes in a variety of shades. It’s provides a medium - full coverage, while giving you a natural polished look at the same time (depending on how much you apply/how you apply it). 

  • *MAC Studio Fix Fluid Fondation SPF15 ($27) 

    This is my everyday, hands down, favorite foundation. I’ve been using this foundation, since I got it. I’ve tried so many different foundations but this one has to be my favorite. It’s the one I gravitate to every single day. 

    This foundation gives you full coverage, but the consistency isn’t goopy or super thick! If you haven’t tried a full coverage foundation before, this foundation will feel a little heavy and thick on the skin. You’re going to feel like you have more make up on your skin, but eventually over time .. you just kind of get used to it if you do continue to use it. 

    However, this foundation does not have to feel super thick on your skin. You can still get good coverage by using a teeny tiny bit of this foundation. You don’t have to use the usual amount you think you need to cover your entire face. Use a little bit at a time, for a lighter feeling/light-medium coverage. 

    It’s easy to apply to the skin. You can use your hands, a beauty blender, or a brush to apply it, with no problem. You do not need a lot to get good coverage. 

    *DOWNSIDE: This foundation, does not break me out. I have pretty good skin, I barely break out. However, people who do have sensitive skin/break out easily .. may not want to try this foundation out. People that have acne prone skin tend to break out after using this foundation. 

    It’s great for when you’re going out at night/out for the day if that’s how you wanna roll. It gives you a flawless complexion (depending on how much you use). You get at least 5 hours of wear with this foundation. I wear it all day, for hours and hours and don’t find that it fades or anything. It’s great for pictures, and is just an overall great foundation. 

  • *MAC Matchmaster SPF15 Foundation ($34)

    This is a great foundation for those with oily/combination skin/slightly dry skin. If you have SUPER dry skin, i’d avoid this foundation. It’s great for those that want to stay matte. The finish is absolutely beautiful.

    This foundation does have SPF 15 in it — which is great when you’re outside and the sun is out but not good for flash photography. so watch out! It’s a great foundation for every day wear, but not something you’ll want to use if you’re going tot ale lots of pictures with friends/family etc. 

    You’ll definitely find a match for your skin tone with this foundation.The Shade Intelligence Technology will help! It gives you medium coverage, but this foundation is definitely build-able. You can achieve a full coverage look with this. 

    This foundation is just as long lasting as the pro long wear foundation, but the wear varies depending on what people are doing etc. 

    This foundation is absolutely amazing. If you’re looking for a long lasting foundation for every day wear, that gives you a demi-mattte finish while making you look flawless, this is for you! Lots of people that purchase this foundation, including myself, love it. So i’d definitely give this one a try! 

  • MAC Face and body Foundation 50ML ($27)/120ML ($35) 

    This foundation is very watery. It’s a very light coverage foundation, but is build-able and can be a medium coverage foundation. It’s great for the Summer, when you just want a little bit of coverage while you’re outside sweating it up under the sun. 

    It leaves a dewy finish to the skin, so if you have oily skin this may not be for you. However after looking at reviews, the dewy look doesn’t feel oily, so you’ll just have to try this one out! 

    This foundation is just for those that want light coverage. It’s watery so be careful! But it’s light on the skin, which is perfect for the beach! 

    You get a lot of product in the bottle as well, so that’s a plus! It’ll last you a while. Definitely a great foundation!
  • MAC Mineralize Foundation ($34) 

    This foundation doesn’t make your face look matte or dewy. It’ll give you a satin finish instead. This is an awesome foundation for those with drier skin. It’s very hydrating so it may be problematic for those with oily skin, but great for those with dry skin. If you do have oily skin but want to use this foundation I suggest you use a setting powder to make it a little more matte! 

    It gives you nice coverage, easily build-able! It doesn’t seem to last that long, so if you’re looking for something that’s going to last you more than 4 hours, this may not be the right one for you! 

    A lot of people that purchase this foundation go through this foundation quickly. So you may have to repurchase this foundation often if you do plan on using this every single day (this also depends on how much you use).

    Depending on how you apply it, that’s up to you. Many find that using your fingers works better than sponges and brushes. Duo fibre brushes seem to work great with this foundation, so try that out as well, and do what works best for you! 

  • *MAC Studio Sculpt SPF15 Foundation ($31)

    This is a great foundation for people with combination skin. This is a full coverage foundation, but can be applied lighter for a lighter coverage on the skin. This is a great foundation that neutrals the redness on the face. 

    You’ll get a semi-matte look with this foundation. It’s not dewy but not completely matte. Your skin will glow when you wear this foundation, it’s a great foundation for Summer!

    *DOWNSIDE: This foundation can look cake on the skin, depending on how you apply it and how much you apply. 

    I recommend you set this foundation with a little bit of powder, so that it doesn’t transfer onto your clothes etc. 

    Skin reactions: I normally don’t break out from foundations, so this product did not break me out. However after reading reviews from people that do have sensitive skin/break out easily, this product doesn’t seem to break people out (the majority). So, this is a great product to try out, even if you have troubles with acne. 

  • MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation ($27)

    This foundation is a great foundation for those with oily skin. It’ll keep you matte! It stays on for hours and hours. You can reapply this foundation for a touch up if you need it (just be sure to reapply it with a light hand to avoid getting cakey)! 

    This foundation is easy to apply, BUT can make you look cake if you apply it with a heavy hand! It has great coverage, some people don’t even need to use concealer after using this foundation because it covers almost/just about everything! 

    A lot of people use this powder over a liquid foundation for more coverage. (This can look a bit cakey, depending on how much you apply — so be careful if you plan on doing that!) 

    I don’t personally use this foundation, nor do I normally break out from using different foundations but my mom has very sensitive skin and she uses this foundation everyday. She does not break out from using it, so those with problematic skin, this foundation is worth a shot! 

  • MAC Studio Tech Foundation ($31) 

    This foundation is a full coverage powered foundation. Beware that this foundation can be very heavy if applied with a heavy hand! Use a light hand when applying this foundation and just build it up until you get the coverage you want. 

    This foundation is very similar to the mineralize foundation, in regards to finish. It’s matte but not too matte! 

    This foundation is a great foundation for every day wear. It gives you a flawless look, and lasts for hours! You can definitely touch up your foundation with this product as well, just reapply it/apply it lightly onto your skin and you’re good to go! 

    To get more a flawless look when using this foundation I suggest you use primer and a setting powered on top! 

  • MAC Full Coverage Foundation ($31)

    This foundation has amazing coverage! It looks good on your skin, and gives you great results. It feels comfortable on the skin, and looks good at the end of the day. It’s great for people with normal/combination skin! 

    It’s a full coverage foundation that doesn’t make you feel cake/look like you have lots of make up on your face. You can feel comfortable when you wear this foundation, so that’s a definitely plus! 

    The application is a bit tricky when applying this foundation. It’s in a compact container, and is thick and solid. A brush is recommended when applying this foundation.

    *TIP: Please get color matched before buying this foundation. People find that it looks a bit different on the skin vs. in the container. Also: Don’t forget to set this with a powder! 

    This foundation is long wearing, you won’t have to worry about touching up too much throughout the day, great for people that are working and don’t have time to touch up. 

  • MAC Loose Mineralize Foundation ($31)

    This foundation s very light on the skin. Even though it’s very light it gives awesome coverage! The idea that it’s a mineralize foundation makes it look super natural on the skin. This foundation is build-able, so that’s a plus! 

    *DOWNSIDE: This foundation can get a little messy because sit is a loose powder foundation. 

    This foundation doesn’t make you look cake or chalky, it gives good overage and lasts for a while. You can use this as a setting powder for your liquid foundation/cream foundations, for some added coverage/touch ups! 

    *WARNING: I wouldn’t recommend this foundation for those with dry skin, it can cling to the dry patches on your face/areas on your face making the dry area more obvious.


I hope this helped you guys out! I’m a total fan of MAC foundations so, if you do plan on trying any of them out, let me know how it goes! It’s always difficult trying to find a foundation that works best for you and your skin, but don’t give up yet! There are many different foundations, and MAC has a lot of different ones to choose from and try out. 

I really hope this post helps you choose what foundations might work for you. If you plan on trying them out, go to your MAC store/counter and ask someone for help on color matching, and finding the foundation that’ll suit your skin type and tone.

I wish you guys the best of luck! <3 



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